Want to join?

Hello! It looks like our Membership Deadline of 9/16 has already passed. If you are still interested in joining, fill out this form and our Membership Chair will see if we still have space left or if it would be better for you to join next semester. Thanks for your interest!


Membership form

Tell us about yourself! All new and returning members must fill out our membership form so we can learn more about you and get your music all setup.


Pay dues

Dues are $30 for one semester or $50 for a year. Check out what dues go towards on our finances page.

    Venmo @cavaliersymphony-orchestra

    Credit/debit card to michael hilzendeger

    cash to michael hilzendeger

If you have any questions or feel uncomfortable with the cost of dues, please reach out to our holder of riches, Michael Hilzendeger, at mah3mu@virginia.edu.


All the extra fun things you can do


Audition for Philharmonic

If you're interested in playing more advanced repertoire, check out our Philharmonic Ensemble (audition required). Visit our audition page to learn more about auditions, view your audition materials, and sign up for a time-slot.

Auditions will be held September 14 and 15.


Rent a stand

CSO stands aren't just some flimsy, wire stand type. No no. Our stands are sturdy, portable, and overall, quite awesome.

Better yet, they only cost $10 a semester! If you're interested, reach out to our resident money-man, Michael Hilzendeger, at mah3mu@virginia.edu.

Note: If you have your own stand, feel free to use that instead.


Rent instruments

We have a variety of instruments available for rent. If you don't have access to an instrument, don't let that stop you from joining. Reach out to our guardian of instruments, Michael Hilzendeger (mah3mu@virginia.edu), and we'll try to figure out how to get you the instrument you need.

Instruments available:

  • 1 Bassoon

  • 2 Basses (one 3/4 Bass and one half Bass)

  • 1 Tuba

  • 1 English Horn


Credit where credit is due. Icons made by FreePik from Flaticon is licensed by Creative Commons BY 3.0.