We are CIO run by students and run for students. Such an organization should be as transparent as possible, allowing students to check the organization's use of funds. If there is something the leaders could be doing better, because we are a student-run organization, you, as a student, can flag it as an issue and change it.

Where does CSO get its money?

Broken down by percentage

What are dues spent on?

Broken down by percentage

The vast majority of our organization's funds comes from rolling rounds, which is a system funded by every student through each semester's $25 activities fee. Dues make up the next largest portion of revenue. And how those dues are spent are displayed on the right. Each category - marketing, concert supplies, instruments, and social - takes a relatively even split of membership dues.

As a final note, a source of funding we would like to ramp up in the coming years, to reduce the financial burden put on students, is fundraising. Please consider supporting our organization and our students through a donation, any amount is appreciated.