Want to take a bigger role in CSO's future? Join our executive board!


Be the future of CSO

As a member of CSO’s executive board, you will help set the tune for the year and create the future of this orchestra that we have all come to cherish and love!! We want to continue to grow and improve, which is why we need YOU to be a driving force in our ever expanding quest to be the friendliest, most rewarding orchestra on grounds.
Each position on the exec board is crucial to keeping the orchestra running smoothly, and doing that successfully requires commitment and time. However, watching the organization grow and thrive from our hard work is an incredibly rewarding and enjoyable experience! We make the groundbreaking decisions that will impact the direction of the orchestra and memories that will follow members long after they graduate.
If you have questions about any of the roles, being on exec, or our vision for the orchestra, send a messenger raven (preferred), talk to us, email us (bb6yx & amb6g), DM us, etc.

Austin & Ben

Your President and Vice President Elect


Our vision for next year

Establish Community

As the largest orchestra on grounds, we need a strong team to make all of our members feel welcome, involved, and excited to be a part of our community! Each of our musicians is a valued part of a greater whole and we want each of them to know that.

Create Musical Opportunity

We all come from diverse musical backgrounds and have unique musical tastes we want to indulge in. Let’s build a structure that allows each musician to do just that: pursue their own unique interests and talents while learning about each other’s!

Solidify Logistics

We’re big! We have logistics! Big logistics! Next year, we want to go into all our events with gameplans prepared well ahead of time to ensure we do the best job possible for our members.

Ensure a Legacy

CSO will be celebrating its third birthday next year. As a young club, one of our grander duties is to solidify CSO’s presence on grounds so everyone knows who we are and what we stand for.


Available exec positions for Fall 2018 are listed below.


Membership Chairs (2 chairs)

Recruit new members and help make everyone feel welcome from the beginning of the year to the end.

  • Reach out to potential new members and organize interest meetings
  • Encourage members to share their awesome ideas with you

  • Make new and returning members feel welcome and wanted in CSO

  • Decide, track, and enforce attendance policies

  • Create and maintain a roster

Social Chairs (2 chairs)

Foster friendships and help people love being a part of our amazing community.

  • Organize awesome social events (e.g. game nights, parties, murder mystery, Bigs/Littles) that will keep people coming back for more!

  • Help CSO members make friendships that will last a lifetime

  • Make members’ special event ideas become possible (wine & cheese night, Lord of the Rings marathon, etc)



Holds the power of the purse and decides how CSO spends its money.

  • Create and maintain a budget

  • Approve and make big purchases

  • Set dues amount and collect dues

  • Request funds through the Student Council Rolling Rounds


Manages the CSO music library and helps CSO run smoothly.

  • Make sure everyone has the music they need

  • Schedule and book spaces for rehearsals and events

  • Expand and organize CSO’s extensive music library

  • Take meeting minutes at exec. board meetings


Fundraising Chair

Raises money so CSO members have even more opportunities.

  • Decide which local businesses and organizations to obtain sponsorships from

  • Organize fundraisers

  • Get CSO’s name beyond grounds

Chief Technology Officer

Manages CSO’s website and technology.

  • Suggest and makes improvements to the website

  • Manage our listservs of up to 400+ people

  • Adapt old music to the modern era through digital transposition


Concert Manager

Plans and organizes concerts that members will remember long after they graduate.

  • Envision the perfect concert from decorations to raffle prizes

  • Decide concert venue and organize transportation

  • Coordinate concert marketing to get the biggest crowd possible

*Concert Manager is a position appointed by the President and Vice President and approved by exec (i.e. not elected). If you are interested in the position or know someone who would be a good fit, please still nominate yourself/them.