Our Ensembles

We have two large ensembles, Main and Philharmonic, along with smaller Chamber groups.

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The Main Ensemble is a non-audition, full symphony orchestra that consists of roughly a hundred members who choose the semester’s repertoire, conductors, and leadership. CSO Main has a relaxed environment that’s perfect for people who want to keep up their passion for music without the stress of a high time commitment. Main is the original CSO ensemble and remains the heart of the orchestra. We accept all skill levels, so any company is welcome!



  • Voted on by the orchestra

  • Easier to moderate difficulty (approx. grade 3-4)

  • Fall 2019 Repertoire:

    • Mars from the Planets by Gustav Holst

    • The Prince of Egypt Suite by Hans Zimmer

    • Overture on Russian Themes by Rimsky-Korsakov

    • Die Schöne Galathee by Franz von Suppe


Rehearsal Time

  • Rehearses most frequently on Sundays from 2:15-4:15 pm, with some exceptions

  • Rehearsal Calendar


Membership Requirements

  • No audition required

  • Dues: $30 per semester / $50 per year (fall - spring)

  • Attendance: May miss no more than two rehearsals to be eligible to play in the concert.



The Philharmonic Ensemble is an auditioned, full symphony orchestra of about thirty-five members and growing. It is meant for musicians who are up for the extra challenge that comes with playing more advanced repertoire. Note that all members of the Philharmonic must also be in the Main Ensemble.



  • Two pieces ( in addition to the Main repertoire)

  • Voted on by the orchestra

  • Moderate to advanced difficulty (approx. grade 5-6)

  • Fall 2019 Repertoire:

    • The Masquerade Suite Waltz by Aram Khachaturian

    • The Merry Wives of Windsor Overture by Carl Otto Nicolai


Rehearsal Time


Membership Requirements



Chamber Groups are small ensembles of 2-10 members that play music with a unique style or instrumentation. Members of a Chamber Group select their own repertoire, decide on a practice schedule, and have at a variety of unique performance opportunities. Chamber Groups are open to anyone, including players who are not members of the CSO Main Ensemble. We are always looking to form new groups!


Groups from Previous Semesters

  • Jazz combo “The Bumpin Somethins”

  • Classical string quartet “All Strings Considered”

  • Rock string quartet “No Strings Attached”

  • Trombone quartet “The Rolling Bones” aka” BONE ZONE”

  • and other prior ensembles

Past Performance Venues and Partnerships

  • CSO Spring 2019 Chamber Concert

  • The Brown Art and Music Festival

  • Swing Club at UVA

  • Weddings

  • BBQ & Jazz nights at the CSO house

  • CSO Presents “Adventure Awaits”

  • and other prior performances


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