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Thank you for a fantastic year! See you back in the fall!

Official CSO T-shirt Order Form

  • Reserve your official CSO t-shirt using this t-shirt order form! It costs $13 and filling out this order form guarantees you a shirt before we run out. The original design needed to be changed due to UVA branding copyright restrictions.

  • If you ordered a shirt and were not present at the banquet to pick it up, look out for shirt pick-up times and locations in the next several days, or contact Kayla Fyock to arrange an individual pick-up meeting.

Intent to Return Form

  • Filling out our Intent to Return Form guarantees you a spot in the orchestra next year

  • We may need to set caps on each section depending on how many new people want to join

Conductor Elections & End-of-Year Feedback Form

Picture of the Week

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Our graduating members. We’ll miss you!

Our graduating members. We’ll miss you!


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