Our mission is to foster a welcoming instrumental family where students can grow musically, find a family, and shape their own musical experience.

The Musical Experience

Spoiler alert, we play music

The Social Experience

Let's hang out!

Founded in 2016, Cavalier Symphony Orchestra is the first student-run full symphony orchestra at the University of Virginia. We are proud to give students the opportunity to continue playing their instrument through college without the stress associated with joining "official" orchestras. Each semester, we rehearse weekly to prepare for our end-of-semester concert. More than setting up the main orchestra concert, we give orchestra members the chance to play more advanced music in our Philharmonic Ensemble, join a chamber group e.g. jazz, low brass, fourth years, and participate in popup ensembles. We've played for Sounding off Summer, an annual event at the beginning of the year to welcome students back, and for 3rd Year Ceremony, a large event for all 3rd years and their families. We're growing every year and we're hoping to make the CSO experience as rewarding and fun as possible.