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Looking for musicians for your event? CSO symphonies and chamber ensembles have performed at a wide variety of festivals, weddings, events, and venues around Charlottesville and the surrounding area. Playing everything from jazz to classical string quartets to classic rock covers and with groups ranging in size from soloists to 100+ person full-symphonies, CSO can provide the right ensemble for you!

Check out our permanent full-symphony ensembles on our About page


Special-Event Symphonic Ensembles

Separate from our two permanent symphonic ensembles, CSO has organized full-symphonies of roughly 40 people to play for certain special events.

Past Performances Include:

-Sounding off Summer 2016 (With University Programs Council (UPC))

-Sounding off Summer 2017 (with UPC)

-Third Year Ceremony (With Third Year Council)

Contact us to inquire about a symphonic ensemble for your event


All Strings Considered

String quartet

Current and Past Repertoire:

Works by Dvorak, Schubert, Vivaldi, Mozart, Handel, Pachelbel, Elvis, Leonard Cohen, Albeniz, Beethoven, and more…

Specific pieces by request

Past Performances:

-Brown College Art and Music Festival


-CSO Spring 2019 Chamber Concert

Contact All Strings Considered


The Bumpin’ Somethin’s

Jazz Band

Current & Past Repertoire:

Songs by Herbie Hancock, Snarky Puppy, Miles Davis, Amy Winehouse, Youngblood Brass Band

Past Performances:

-Brown College Art and Music Festival

-UVA Swing Club

-CSO Spring 2019 Chamber Concert

-CSO presents “Adventure Awaits”

Contact The Bumpin Somethins

We also have several new ensembles this semester who will begin performing soon! Our new groups include two string quintets, a flute choir, and a saxophone quartet.


Interested in one of the ensembles above or looking for a different instrumentation? Contact us to organize an ensemble for your event!

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