Outside of Orchestra

CSO is about having fun in rehearsal AND outside of it. We've got some amazing social chairs and a social committee dedicated to organizing a bunch of different events for members to attend.


We value friendships

We don't just want an orchestra where people show up, play music, and leave. CSO was founded, in part, to create a family for UVA students interested in music. Our social chairs and the social committee work hard every semester to host events to help everyone feel welcome in our organization.

Some of the events we've done are

  • Board game nights

  • Murder mystery dinners
  • End of semester banquets
  • Hiking trips
  • Parties
  • Scavenger hunts
  • Cookout runs
  • Dinners on the corner or downtown
  • Pre-rehearsal lunches

sunrise Humpback Hike

It was quite foggy that day. But that doesn't matter, we still had fun!



We all got together at the end of the semester. Had some free Chipotle, sat around and chatted, announced superlatives, said bye to our fourth years, and much more. Just some good, wholesome fun.