The Exec Board

Our vision

CSO has grown incredibly in size, strength of community, and quality of musical endeavor! We’re excited to lead CSO into another great year of strengthening our tight community of musicians and friends as we continue to offer better and better performances and become well known for excellence in the UVA and Charlottesville community!

Community Along with musical excellence, we strive to create a welcoming and inviting environment for all of our members. We aim to promote friendships and to provide a wide variety of social experiences for our ever-growing CSO family.

Music Our Main, Phil, and Chamber Ensembles continue to grow both in musical excellence and number, and we’re excited to continue providing our awesome musicians opportunities to perform. We want to continue to expand the musical opportunities that allow our members to express themselves artistically and ensure that each CSO performance is better than the last.

Presence We love our home at UVA! We want to be more involved in the performance arts community at this University and in the greater Charlottesville community. We will continue working towards collaborations with other musical groups and to give back by using our musical talents around Grounds.

Ben & Connor | President & Vice President


President & Vice President (2 chairs):

Establish a vision for the orchestra and work with the executive board to make that vision come to life, helping each chair pursue their own goals along the way.

  • Oversee the entire organizational structure of the orchestra (make sure things keep working), always looking for new ways to improve

  • Act as the proud voice of the organization externally and confident head of the orchestra internally

  • Lead weekly executive board meetings, as well as meet with chairs individually as needed to ensure everyone is carrying out their responsibilities

Performance Directors (2 chairs):

Work closely with section leaders and conductors to oversee the musical progression of the orchestra from selecting repertoire all the way through a successful concert, ensuring all members have a chance to pursue their musical interests along the way.

  • Lead the Performance Team (conductors and section leaders) to ensure the orchestra has the musical leadership necessary to be as prepared for fantastic concerts

  • Head the repertoire selection process, conductor elections, and Philharmonic and section leader auditions each semester

  • Decide the semesterly rehearsal schedule and work with conductors to come up with the most effective rehearsal strategy each week

  • Transpose music for our missing parts so everyone has an opportunity to perform

  • Work with the Chamber Director to help set up chamber groups and organize opportunities for chamber groups to perform

Social Chairs (2 chairs):

Foster friendships and help people love being a part of our amazing community.

  • Organize awesome social events (e.g. game nights, parties, murder mystery, cookouts) that will keep people coming back for more!

  • Help CSO members make friendships that will last a lifetime

  • Help keep members engaged and involved in the orchestra

  • Make members’ special event ideas become possible (wine & cheese night, Lord of the Rings marathon, etc.)

Marketing Chairs (2 chairs):

Spread the word about how awesome CSO is to every nook and cranny of the UVA and Charlottesville communities.

  • Construct the captivating promotional materials that will get everyone excited about joining the orchestra and coming to our events

  • Design the merchandise we offer, from t-shirts to graduating member swag

  • Tell the world about our awesome concerts and public events through social media

Membership Chair:

Recruit new members and help foster a community that makes everyone feel welcome from the beginning of the year to the end.

  • Plan activity fair recruitment and interest meetings

  • Reach out to potential new members

  • Make new and returning members feel welcome and wanted in CSO

  • Organize and oversee the Major/Minor program

  • Create and maintain a roster and listservs and track attendance


Hold the power of the purse and decide how CSO spends its money.

  • Create and maintain a yearly operating budget

  • Approve and make big purchases

  • Set dues amount and collect dues

  • Manage CSO’s financial accounts and keep log of transactions

  • Track CSO’s assets (instruments, sheet music stands, etc.)

  • Request funds through the Student Council Rolling Rounds


Manage the CSO music library and help CSO run smoothly.

  • Make sure everyone has the music they need

  • Schedule and book spaces for rehearsals and events

  • Expand and organize CSO’s extensive music library

  • Take meeting minutes at exec. board meetings

Fundraising Chair:

Raise money so CSO members have even more opportunities.

  • Reach out to local businesses and organizations for sponsorship

  • Organize fundraisers

  • Get CSO’s name beyond Grounds

Media Coordinator:

The record keeper of our orchestra and all the great things we do together.

  • Create a story of our organization for other people to see

  • Make CSO’s website beautiful and useful

  • Take pictures at our events

  • Keep our social media presence active so we can engage with as many people as possible

*Concert Manager:

Plan and organize fantastic concerts that members will remember long after they graduate.

  • Envision the perfect concert from decorations to raffle prizes

  • Decide concert venue and organizes transportation

  • Coordinate concert marketing to get the biggest crowd possible

*Concert Manager is a position appointed by the President and Vice President and approved by the exec board (i.e. not elected).

*Chamber Director:

Expand the musical offerings of CSO by providing opportunities for members to play in smaller ensembles that fit their unique interests.

  • Help orchestra members organize any chamber groups they are interested in creating

  • Assist chamber ensembles by obtaining rehearsal space, sheet music, conductors (if necessary), and performance opportunities as they desire

  • Organize a chamber concert at the end of the semester

*Chamber Director is a position appointed by the Performance Directors and approved by the exec board (i.e. not elected).