The Only Student-Run Full Symphony Orchestra at the University of Virginia

The Cavalier Symphony Orchestra is an entirely student led, non-audition symphony that strives to give every student the opportunity to continue playing music in college. As students ourselves, we understand that college can be stressful and that official university group can be a big commitment. We hope to provide a different, more available experience for our members. With a variety of ensembles, a relaxed and fun social atmosphere, and plenty of leadership opportunities, we have a spot for you!


About us

We are much more than just a group of students who play music together. CSO is a family. And every family has a story.

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Do you play an instrument? If you do, we probably, most definitely, how could we not, certainly, want you! Check out what we're about to see if you're a good fit.



Running an entire orchestra takes a lot of time and effort. It also takes funding. Help us purchase music and acquire instruments!