Majors and Minors

We’re a large organization with lots of people, different opportunities, and plenty of events going on. It can get a little overwhelming at first and we want to make sure everyone feels as comfortable as possible. The CSO Major-Minor Program is a mentorship program designed to help new members feel more welcome in the ensemble and to have a better understanding of how the orchestra works.

Each new member “Minor” will be assigned a returning member “Major”. Majors can be an essential resource for Minors to answer questions about rehearsals, chamber groups, and orchestra events. They can also serve as an example for how Minors can get more involved in the orchestra, and are encouraged to attend social events with their Minors. We understand that all Major/Minor pairs are different, and so the Major-Minor Program can be whatever you make of it.

Click HERE to sign up to be a Major!

Contact Vivian Austin, vma2kg, with any questions about the program.